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Our Staff

  • Terry Jackson


  • Brandi Underwood

    Assistant Director and Marketing Strategist

  • Ali Anderson

    Coordinator of Visit Experience

  • Mia Antinone

    Hometown: Weirton, WV

    Major: Biochemistry

    Favorite Place to Study: I like to sit outside at The Market on the Health Science campus with a latte from Octane. 

    Hobbies/Interests: Baking, cooking pasta, running, shopping at TJMAXX, watching movies with my best friends, eating ice cream, and going on spontaneous trips to Pittsburgh. 

    Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby 

    Favorite Band/Song: Michael Bublé “I Believe in You” 

    Favorite Movie: The Intern (I am Anne Hathaway) 

    Favorite place to hang out on and off campus: On campus, I love to be at the Rec Center. I love to do group exercise classes with my friends and stop at the Juice Bar afterwards for a refreshing smoothie. Off campus, I love to walk by the rail trail and eat some good Italian food on the patio at Oliverio’s.  

    Favorite WVU Tradition: The pre-game show by the Pride of WV, specifically when the drumline comes out for the first time.

  • Killian Coyne

    Hometown: Wheeling, WV

    Major: Biomedical Engineering

    Favorite Place to Study: On a nice day, I enjoy studying on the patio on the top floor of the Evansdale Crossing because the view is one of the best on campus.

    Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy playing and watching all types of sports, so I very rarely miss a Mountaineer game. Cooking is also one of my hidden talents. 

    Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is my favorite book, but I’m more of a movie kind of guy.

    Favorite Band/Song: I listen to just about every genre, but Drake is my favorite artist.

    Favorite Movie: The Great Gatsby – the one with Leonardo DiCaprio of course – or Good Will Hunting

    Favorite place to hang out on and off campus: On campus, I spend most of my free time at the Student Recreation Center. Off campus, you might find me at any of the local Morgantown restaurants which is probably why I spend so much time at the gym.

    Favorite WVU Tradition: I have been coming to WVU football games since I was five years old. Now that I am a Mountaineer, being a fan has taken on a deeper meaning for me. There is no greater feeling than cheering on the team and singing Country Roads with 60,000 other passionate fans!

  • Mateah Kittle

    Hometown: Bridgeport, WV 

    Major: Strategic Communications 

    Favorite place to Study: Bottom floor of the Downtown Library, they've got large Mac computers with a lot of desk space!

    Hobbies/Interests: Really anything outside -- traveling, hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, running, skiing/snowboarding, kayaking! I also love to be with family and friends as much as possible

    Favorite Book: "Through the Eyes of A Lion" by Levi Lusko -- highly recommend!

    Favorite Band/ song: Testify by NeedToBreathe and Mr. Brightside by The Killers

    Favorite Movie: The Heat, Secret Life of Pets, and Inside Out

    Favorite place to hang out on and off campus: I enjoy sitting in Woodburn Circle, watching all the students walk through campus and then I'll glance up and get a peek at Woodburn Hall, never get tired of looking at its beauty! Off campus, you can probably catch me grabbing a bite to eat at Los Mariachis

    Favorite WVU Traditions: Ever since I was little, I've been going to football games with my grandparents, and I'm ecstatic that I've been able to continue the tradition as a student! Football games are the highlight of the fall, and I love the atmosphere at all the games; regardless of the opponent or the weather, all the fans are there to cheer on our Mountaineers!

  • Ryan Minnigh

    Ryan Minnigh

    Hometown: Short Gap, WV

    Major: MS in Sport Management, BS in Journalism
    Favorite Place to Study: Downtown Campus Library
    Attending metal/rock concerts, collecting sports memorabilia, and watching Pittsburgh sports.
    Favorite Book: Never Die Easy & Clemente: The Passion and Grace of Baseball’s Last Hero
    Favorite Band/Song: Anything Metal & Johnny Cash
    Favorite Movie: How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    Favorite Place to Hang out on and off Campus: On campus I like to hang out with my friends before classes at the Health & Education Building and off campus I like to hang out at the sporting venues in Morgantown catching games all throughout the year.
    Favorite WVU Tradition: Singing Country Roads after any sporting event win, there is truly nothing like it!
  • Isaac Portillo

    Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA

    Major: Art History

    Favorite Place to Study: The Milano Reading Room in the Downtown Library

    Hobbies/interests: Eating food! Traveling around the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia, going to concerts and music festivals, going to museums and local galleries, and long walks on the beach.

    Favorite Book: Animal Farm by George Orwell and The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

    Favorite band/song: "Can't stop" by Kayzo

    Favorite Movie: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World 

    Favorite place to hangout on and off campus: On campus, the Evansdale crossing, on the balcony, with some good friends and a good cup of coffee. Off campus, I love hiking and climbing at Cooper's Rock or staying home and watching movies with friends. 

    Favorite WVU tradition: Standing in the front row with all my friends at Fallfest.

  • Michael Quinlan

    Hometown: Saint Albans, West Virginia

    Major: Political Science – Pre Law

    Favorite Place to Study: My favorite place to study is either the Pent House floor of the Life Sciences Building, or the Reading Rooms in the downtown library.

    Hobbies/Interests: I have a big interest in politics and the interworking of governments, as well as the legal system. I enjoy going on mini-adventures, spending time with friends on campus, and discovering new food in Morgantown!

    Favorite Book: My favorite book would either be The Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.

    Favorite Band/Song: This honestly depends on the week. One week I could be on a Kanye West, Futuristic, and J Cole kick, and the next I could be rocking out to some Van Halen and Queen.

    Favorite Movie: Anything Batman related (Not including George Clooney’s version, ew) and the Star Wars movies.

    Favorite Place to Hang Out on and Off Campus: My favorite academic building is definitely Woodburn Hall, and I also enjoy spending time at my Fraternity’s house. When I am going off campus, I love going to Cooper’s Rock.

    Favorite WVU Tradition: Absolutely nothing beats standing arm in arm with fellow students and Mountaineer fans and screaming Country Roads at the top of your lungs after a WVU victory!

  • Lauren Simpson

    Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

    Major: MS in Speech Pathology and Audiology

    Favorite place to Study: Lincoln Hall study rooms

    Hobbies/Interest: Shopping, eating anything covered in cheese, planning trips and traveling to new places.

    Favorite Book: Heaven is for Real

    Favorite Band/Song: Kenny Chesney “The Good Stuff”

    Favorite Movie: Captain Phillips, Beauty and the Beast, and Titanic

    Favorite place to hang out on and off campus: On campus, I love to hang out anywhere in Evansdale crossing. I eat at Hugh Baby’s Barbeque; I get a smoothie at the Juice bar, and the salted chocolate cookies from octane. YUM! Off campus, I like to hang out at the Panera on High Street.

    Favorite WVU Tradition: Singing ‘Hail West Virginia’ before every football game.

  • Janee' Avery

    Hometown: Farrell, PA

    Major: MS in Integrated Marketing Communications, BS in Journalism  

    Favorite place to Study: The Media Innovation Lab at Evansdale Crossing and the balcony outside of Hatfields on the Downtown area of campus.

    Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy binge-watching Netflix series, attending concerts, exploring West Virginia, exercising, listening to podcast and spending time with family/friends. 

    Favorite Book:  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings 

    Favorite Band/song: I love listening to 90s R&B music. 

    Favorite Movie: The Notebook

    Favorite place to hang out on and off campus: My go-to place to hang out on campus is the Media Innovation Lab on the Evansdale campus because of the open space layout and large windows. It's a great place to get your creative juices flowing! Off campus, I like to spend time shopping at the Morgantown Mall, Hobby Lobby and Kirkland's.

    Favorite WVU Traditions: Singing Country Roads after a Mountaineer victory! 

  • Kirsten Swales

    Hometown: State College, PA

    Major: English

    Favorite place to study: Either the Milano reading room in the downtown library (mostly because it reminds me of Hogwarts) or The Grind coffee shop.

    Hobbies/Interests: I love to read and write, play with my dogs, spend hours at Target and have relaxing movie nights with my friends.

    Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby is one of my absolute faves, mostly because it took me 4 times reading through it and loving it more and more each time before I realized that English studies are my passion!

    Favorite Band/Song: I LOVE any and all things Florida Georgia Line and country, but I'm also a big Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West fan.

    Favorite Movie: The original Beauty and the Beast or Stepbrothers (anything with Will Ferrell has my approval). 

    Favorite Place to Hang out on and off campus: On campus, I love to take a blanket up to the Mountainlair green and hang out with friends or read a book. Off campus, I really enjoy going out to the overlook at Coopers Rock. 

    Favorite Tradition: Of course, I love the atmosphere of football games whenever I get to sing country roads with 60,000 members of my Mountaineer family. There's truly nothing else like it. But aside from that, I love the random moments when I'm not in Morgantown but I'm wearing a WVU shirt and I can hear people yell "Let's Go" and I get to yell back "Mountaineers!" It's always so cool to know that, no matter where I go, I'll always find my fellow Mountaineers! 

  • Hannah Wright

    Hometown: Dayton, OH

    Major: Political Science & Criminology

    Favorite place to Study: The Silent Reading Rooms at the Downtown Library

    Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Journaling, Working Out

    Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby

    Favorite Band/song: John Mayer

    Favorite Movie: The Breakfast Club

    Favorite place to hang out on and off campus: On campus, in the Recreation Center! Off campus, Dunkin Donuts.

    Favorite WVU Traditions: The Mantrip before football games!

  • Carli Yoho

    Hometown: Chagrin Falls/Bainbridge, OH

    Major: MS in Sport Management, BS in Sport and  Exercise Psychology

    Favorite Place to Study: CPASS building overlooking the Outdoor Rec Fields or the sun room in the Downtown Library

    Hobbies/ Interests: Soccer, Boating, Cooking, Playing Outside, Trying new things and meeting new people!

    Favorite Book: Blue like Jazz by Donald Miller or A Touch of Texas by Kristine Rolofson

    Favorite Band/ song: Any country or music that makes me dance!

    Favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice 

    Favorite place to hang out on and off campus: I like to be around or in the Mountainlair to people watch and be in the hustle and bustle of everything. Off campus, I like to go explore unique places outside the College, Coopers Rock, Tygart Lake, and fun local shops and restaurants.

    Favorite WVU Tradition: Football games/Athletic events and singing County Roads with my whole Mountaineer Family!