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How can I learn more about WVU? 

For a comprehensive look into West Virginia’s flagship institution, visit the University’s official Web site. For the latest information about what is happening on campus check out WVU Today.

How can I arrange to visit/tour the WVU Campus? 

To make a tour reservation, call the Visitors Center at 1-800-344-9881, Ext. 2 or register using our online form. Click on the tour schedule link to the left for more detailed information about our campus tour program. You may also want to consider visiting campus on a Mountaineer Visitation Day.

How do I go about scheduling an admissions interview? 

An interview is not a part of the admissions process at West Virginia University. However, an Admissions Counselor will be available on-site before each tour Monday-Friday to answer individual questions.

Do you get to see a room in every residence hall during the tour? 

The right to privacy and campus security are held in high regard at West Virginia University. To appropriately ensure that we are meeting that goal, tour groups are not taken on actual residence hall floors. During your campus tour, you will have the opportunity to see a model room and other amenities at the Evansdale Residential Complex. More specific visits to the residence halls can be arranged if requested prior to touring the campus.

What is the distance between the Evansdale and downtown campuses? 

The Evansdale and downtown campuses are approximately 1.5 miles apart. Two major streets connect these campuses: 1) University Avenue 2) Beechurst Avenue. Also, the PRT connects both campuses providing a eight to ten minute trip from campus to campus.

Can freshmen bring cars to campus? 

There are no policies prohibiting students from bringing a car to campus. However, similar to most major universities, parking is extremely limited on campus. If you plan to bring a car we strongly encourage all individuals to make parking arrangements prior to arriving on campus. Visit WVU Parking Management to learn more about parking opportunities on campus.

What is the PRT? 

PRT is the abbreviated name for Personal Rapid Transit, a completely computerized transportation system. It consists of 70 electric cars that run on rubber Goodyear tires, and serves as a major means of transportation between WVU’s Evansdale and downtown campuses. The cars are self-guided and travel along a raised track. For complete operating hours, please visit the PRT Web site.

How long do you have to wait for a PRT car? 

The PRT operates on a demand system. This means the more individuals there are at a particular station, the more cars will arrive to transport students. This ensures that students are transported in a smooth and timely fashion. On average, the longest you will wait for a PRT car is ten minutes.

Where are most freshman classes? 

As a freshman, the bulk of your classes will be on the downtown campus. However, as a student progresses, individuals will have classes primarily on one campus or the other, depending on the location of their major.

What are the due dates for financial aid? 

To receive maximum consideration for aid, students submit a FAFSA, which must be received by the processor, prior to March 1 each year. High school seniors applying for WVU scholarships must apply before February 1.

Is it hard to get a job on campus? 

WVU offers students numerous programs that assist in finding jobs to help out with expenses. These include: work study, internships, and student worker positions. The Office of Student Employment located in the Mountainlair is a great resource to assist students in finding part-time employment. There are also many public and private businesses in the area that hire students throughout the year.

How do I get to the WVU Visitors Center? 

It’s easy to find us. By Car: At the intersection of I-79 and I-68, WVU is approximately 70 miles south of Pittsburgh or 200 miles northwest of Washington, DC. The Visitors Center is accessible from Exit 1 of Interstate 68 (University Ave. exit). If you exit from I-68 West turn left at the end of the exit ramp on to Route 119 North; go straight for three stoplights. If you exit from I-79 onto I-68 East turn left at the light on Route 119 North; go straight for three stoplights. At the fourth traffic light turn left into One Waterfront Place. You will see a large blue sign labeled Visitors Center. For additional information visit our Directions page.

When is the admission deadline? 

West Virginia University utilizes a rolling admissions process. Students are admitted throughout the year. The Office of Admissions and Records will begin the process of formally reviewing applications on September 15th. Future students can anticipate three to six weeks before notification when submitting a completed application packet. Visit WVU Admissions to learn more about specific admissions requirements.

How do I get around campus after the PRT shuts down? 

Morgantown has a wide range of transportation available to students. The city of Morgantown has the Mountain Line bus system to help students get around town. After the PRT shuts down for the night, the Mountain Line buses will take over the shuttling of students. Monday through Wednesday, buses will run until approximately 12 midnight, and Thursday through Saturday they will run until 3:10 a.m.

How much snowfall can I expect in Morgantown? 

Average snowfall in Morgantown is around 30 inches throughout the winter. Average temperature through the winter months is just above 30 degrees F. The weather changes here quite a bit, so the winter goes by a little quicker.

What is the makeup of the WVU student body? 

Our students come from all 55 counties in West Virginia, 50 states and the District of Columbia, and 102 nations around the world, giving us a very diverse student body. Our students come from a variety of cultural backgrounds (52% in state; 48% out of state); we have about 1,600 international students.

How do I get home when the residence halls close during student recesses? 

During major student recess periods, WVU’s Parents Club provides transportation to and from areas that have large concentration of out-of-state students attending WVU. For more details contact the Parents Club or call 1-800-988-0096. The Mountain Line bus also has a shuttle that runs daily to the Pittsburgh International Airport and the Pittsburgh Greyhound Bus Station. For more information and to make reservations please visit the Mountain Line web site.

What is the average class size at WVU? 

The average class at WVU will include approximately 30-40 students. However, the student-to-faculty ratio is 23 to 1. All faculty members also hold office hours for those more complex questions. You can use the MIX to send your teacher an e-mail.

For additional information about WVU visit